Exercise will benefit every cell in your body, especially your skin. Heaps of subtle changes visibly restore the body and the psyche in ways scientists are only beginning to understand. Such small victories may go unnoticed by unobservant exercisers, but lookout for these benefits for you:

• Get an instant glow
• Combat spots
• Reverse the ageing process
• Calming, better sleep
• Increase vitality
• Correct bad posture, looking taller
• Better immunity, detoxification
• Less fat, Reduced cellulite

Your skin looks brighter, your step is bouncier and you’re more self-confident at work. Working out isn’t all about reducing weight or preparing for your next triathlon. Regular exercise also gives you a healthy-looking body and an obvious inner vitality that radiates through your skin. You just can’t get it naturally any other way.

Gorgeous post-workout glow

Exercise gets your blood flowing, by getting your heart pumping and increasing circulation your skin receives a delicious dose of oxygenated blood that boosts detoxification and cell renewal. During exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and to deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants Regular exercise allows enhancements in circulation, bringing more blood flow and oxygen to you skin to nourish and revitalise tired skin cells more often to help keep your skin healthy and vibrant. Exercise makes you sweat too. Working up a good sweat is just like getting a mini-facial midst exercising. When your pores dilate, trapped dirt and oil are expelled. Breaking into a sweat isn’t the only way exercise benefits your skin it also reduces inflammation throughout your body, helps regulate hormones and prevents free-radical damage.

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