The Battle Ropes: Tips for Fitness

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The battle rope is a great idea! A big, thick, long rope that delivers a high-intensity cardio training workout. This tool that givesg everyone high-intensity, zero/low-impact conditioning with optimal results of building muscle and burning up to 1,000 calories in an hours session.

We’re Showing You The Ropes

Holding both ends of the battle rope, you slam it on to the ground over and over again. It is a great stabiliser from your core, boosts shoulders and gets your heart pumping.

Battle Rope Exercises

waves – Grip the rope lightly, relax your arms, shoulders alternating your hands, swing the ropes up and down making nice smooth waves all the way down the ropes. Increase your breathing rate.
double-rope slam – you take hold of both ends of the rope, bring them up above your head, then take them crashing down as aggressively as possible, 20 times.

Battling Ropes Waves

Battle Rope Training Tips

The ropes are a hard exercise to grasp at the beginning because unless you have been a shipmate then you wouldn’t have encountered ropes of this size.

How to Stand

• Assume a semi-squat stance and hold the weighty rope in each hand
• Swing the ropes in an alternating pattern with medium-sized waves
• Walk forward or backwards, or shuffle from side to side depending on personal trainers signal
• Maintain the exercise for a particular time of 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest between