Ariana Grande is stylish, energetic, lively and intensely gifted. To get this sizzling hot look, a healthy lifestyle needs to be set up and followed just like Grande.

ariana-grande-spread-openKeeping Active

She has expressed in several sources that she strives to do elliptical trainer workouts daily and offers lots of credit to her dance rehearsals in heels. She often hikes to the Hollywood sign, and practices daily meditation.

The Diet

Although sources state she proclaimed a vegetarian life style late last year, her typical foods accommodates salmon, kale, nuts, dried fruits, oatmeal, her favourite organic bars and she loves coconut water. In essence she follows a clean nourishing diet plan. As a result, she is absolutely aware that what we have a habit of placing into our bodies can verify how we perform, feel and look on stage.

The Grande Workout:

Ariana Grande Style Squats

Stand facing side on to a mirror to check you form. Toes pointing forwards. Bend your knees and poke your bum out. Make sure your knees stay behind your toes. This exercise helps you to work the bum and legs for explosive dance moves like Ariana Grande.


Side Lunges

Take a long step out to the side and pounce back up again. This exercise is great practice for dance moves that require side movement.

Forward Lunges

Take a big step forward and spring back up. Enhance your strutting muscles so you can walk into the room with legs like Ariana Grande.



Ariana Grande inspired Ballet Lunges

Step one leg backwards, then bring it back up and out to the side. This exercise needs balance and core strength. It will give you the graceful leg movement of Ariana Grande.


Scissor Kicks

Lay on your back on at mat. Bring legs up and hover them over the floor. Spread your legs and bring them together again, in like a chopping motion. For a thigh gap like Ariana Grande, use this exercise and feel the burn.


Thigh Lifts

Lay on your side. Lift your leg up to the sky. Slowly lower leg. Repeat on each side 12-15 times.


Legs and bums enhancing secrets

Can’t get motivated to work out your legs and bum? Try thinking about all the energy you’ll have afterward. Whatever the daily activity, having a strong walk, tight bum, and firm legs. A personal trainer will help you make the most of your workout.