Apples are an English Delight

In England, apple rambling is looking for the perfect sized apple. We love to gather crisp apples and chomp them. Fresh off the bushy tree in our London garden. Yet, apples are so ordinary that they’re almost disregarded, brushed off, for glitzier superfruits, such as blueberries and pomegranates.

The importance of eating apples for weight loss.

Apples are low in fat, calories and sodium. They are very rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre which are so helpful for a person trying to lose weight successfully. The fibre contained in apples expands in the stomach and fills you up without the extra calories.

For exercise, the vitamins and minerals in apples boost fitness and energy. This can help you to burn more calories.
Green apples are fast becoming a common health craze as people stock up.  A green apple can be eaten by itself or can even be consumed in juice, tea or dessert form. Eating apples regularly is a great way to lose weight.

Benefits of Eating Apples

  • Boosts Weight Loss
  • Easy Snack for Weight Watchers
  • Healthy and Versatile
  • Children love them sliced up
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Helps you to lose weight faster
  • Makes you feel more full

Apples are perfect for lunch boxes.

So remember, an apple a day keep the fat away!