The beautiful Acton Carnival was alive this year for an amazing music blast, original food and games. Every year in July, Acton Carnival is a highlight of summer and is firmly on Acton’s community agenda. Music, hips moving, stage acts, Caribbean flavors and a wonderful family-accommodating occasion. A special treat of General Levy headlining.


Acton Carnival is an amazing, vibrant celebration of culture and community beginning through Acton high street, with hand-made costumes, and live music. The Main Stage is alive with performances on the day, featuring music and dance on by bands and DJs. Acton Carnival is the perfect day out for the whole family, with games and crafts, market stalls and food from around the world.

Celebrating 13 years of local pride and heritage this year with a theme of ‘Sounds of Acton’, the carnival delights include handmade costumes, live percussion music and lots of fun and laughter. The procession leaves Woodlands Park at 12noon and proceeds to Acton Park via Crown Street, the High Street and into Acton Park.

The merriments proceeded today in Acton Park until 7 pm with fun and entertainment for all.

2015 Line-up:

1:00pm: Stage entry
2:30pm: Impact Theatre
2:45pm: Acton High School (AHS)
3:00pm: Mayor Speaks
3:10pm: Afghan Band
3:30pm: Raunchy Rockers
3:45pm: Drummers
4:10pm: Youth Street Beats
4:30pm: Diane Black
5:00pm: TDNB
5:15pm: Quincy
5:45pm: Maddy Carty
6:00pm: Jordon
6:15pm: Eljai
6:30pm: General Levy

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