3 of the Safest Ways to Refresh Your Eyes

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In a normal day, you face long deskbound hours staring at your computer monitor. There are daily commutes and other stressful chores causing your eyes to scream for a relaxing bath. Many times we need a break to relax. In summer the side-effects of heat include body dehydration, dry eyes, and worse skin. Moreover, people who wear contact lens don’t find it a very cheery season as the eye’s natural lubricant dries because of the climate. The outcome can be itchy, dry eyes just because they are sunbaked.
Similarly, some people experience heavy eyelids in the morning just after waking up. At initial stages, you may experience low productivity, physical tiredness, and more work errors and eye strains. Later, the eye strain can cause red eyes, eye twitching, blurry vision, and headache. Here are top 3 ways to soothe your strained, dried and tired eyes.

  1. Wash your eyes with cold water
    Begin with sprinkling cold water on your face; it results in constriction of facial arteries and low blood flow to the face. This decrease in blood flow activates the nervous system reflex to set off and fight against this condition. Reduced blood flow to the eyes decreases eye inflammation, reduces dryness, natural tears are made by increasing eye closure and spreading tear film.
    (*splash the water three times after testing the temperature of water. It must not be freezing.)
  2. Try deluging your face in cold water and follow with a warming massage
    Deepen your cold water wake-up by submerging your face in a tub or bowl of cold water for 30 seconds. Take out your face of the water when you need to breathe. If you feel pain or any other symptom appearsĀ – consult your doctor.
  3. Use lubricating eye drops
    There are numerous eye drop varieties which aid in soothing eye strain. Lubricating eye drops soothe tired eyes. Natural tear element is also added by these drops to hydrate eyes. Before using eye drops read instructions on the packaging. Note: If you feel chronic pain, go for an eye check-up to your eye doctor for a correct diagnosis of your eye problem.
    You can also do simple exercises to refresh your eyes and have a break from the monotony of job so that you can get back to it with an energy boost!